BioDoodle on Boxing Day

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BioDoodle on Boxing Day

Let us introduce the concept of ‘BioDoodling’ - the art of doodling in the great outdoors!

Have you ever found yourself playing about with objects you have discovered out on a walk?                     A BioDoodle is a spontaneous creation – a pattern in the sand, a sculpture made of grass, an arrangement of driftwood, a tower of plastic bottles…. whatever you find yourself doing.

Boxing Day is an ideal time to get out and about after the indulgences of Christmas! Our website promotes eight amazing and inspiring scenic areas in Shetland.  Why don’t you join us in exploring and BioDoodling in one of these areas on Boxing Day?

Take a photo to capture your own BioDoodle and share it on the Back from Beyond website. The eight featured areas can be found on the locations part of the website and you can submit a BioDoodle using the take part form.

Sponsored by The Camera Centre, one lucky BioDoodler will be chosen to receive a free canvas print of their creation.  Any BioDoodles done between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will be included in this promotion.

If you’d like to be part of the BioDoodle event but can’t manage to visit any of the eight areas, we’d still be delighted to see your creation (from anywhere in the world!).  BioDoodles from other areas can be emailed to us at and will be featured in our blog section.

Festive Greetings to everyone from Alice & Emma!