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About The Project

backfrombeyond.org brings together the creative side in all of us with the natural environment around us, something we often ignore.

Through this site, you are encouraged to:

  • Explore some of Shetland’s more remote areas and landscapes
  • Create something new, if you were inspired by the experience, and
  • Share this here, if you wish

The Project So Far

Back From Beyond has involved eight separate musicians, musical groups and poets who are based in Shetland, each exploring one of Shetland's National Nature Reserves (NNRs) and locations within the National Scenic Area (NSA) to seek inspiration from the landscape and nature. These people are from different creative backgrounds, and of all ages.

From this exploration they have developed a new piece of music, song or poetry. These were recorded, mixed and mastered at Mareel. A variety of visuals complement each piece, such as photographs and video.

This website is the centre point of the project, launched at a performance at Mareel on 23rd November 2013.

Project Funders

The project, in 2013, has been funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, through their Community Grants Scheme and as part of the Year of Natural Scotland, with in-kind funding from Promote Shetland and the voluntary time of the musicians, poets and film-makers.

The specific aims for this funding were under the heading of ‘People engaging with nature and landscapes':

  • To promote and showcase Shetland’s natural landscapes
  • To promote opportunities for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the landscapes, wildlife and heritage
  • To encourage more people to get involved in outdoor recreation, volunteering and outdoor learning
  • To encourage people and communities to get actively involved in caring for Shetland’s natural landscapes, and
  • To make links between nature, culture and creativity

In addition, the project is promoting the benefits of the natural environment and creativity to our physical and mental health.

Photo © Maurice Henderson Photo © Maurice Henderson Everyone Can Take Part

We would like lots of people - whether resident in Shetland or visitors to Shetland - to download the music and poetry to bring with them to the locations and explore.

If you feel inspired you can develop your own creations too, and if you wish, share them with others through this site.

Future Plans

  • We hope to hold an annual event where new creations are performed and displayed
  • We are also planning a monthly feature on a different location or creative medium (e.g. tapestry / knitting / rap)
  • We will be using the site and the project’s aim of bringing creativity and the natural environment together, to develop walking groups
  • We have had interest from other areas of Scotland, and Wales, in developing the project further afield